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Actually the reason I said it was a bomb I should expand on... It is NOT due to the problems of physics, but one of interest. It may get SOME viewers simply because it is Pixar, but at its heart, Pixar movies succeed most when they hit the children market. And I seriously doubt that an OLD GRUMPY GUY in a house powered by balloons is enough of an "aw cool" factor to draw in kids. Let's look at Pixar's other hits. 1) Toy Story - Stars toys. Duh. Of course kids like toys. 2) Bugs Life - Not a major hit and often overlooked. But enough kids think bugs are cool to support it. 3) Monsters Inc - Kids love monsters and Boo drew in the little girls. 4) Incredibles - Obviously the appeal of Super Heroes has been proven in moviedom by now, so I won't beat this drum. 5) Cars - As my 1 year old's repeated watching of this show daily will attest... cars are cool and quite probably the most marketable of the Pixar properties (they occupy half an aisle in most toy sections at Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R Us if you doubt this claim). 90+ Cars and counting in the standard Die-Cast size, almost as many "mini" versions of the same. Numerous play sets, etc... 6) Finding Nemo - A story about parents who don't want their kids to grow up? Timeless. And cute enough for mass appeal. This led to clown fish popularity to such a degree that most chains charge 3 to 5x what they previously did for the fish. 7) Ratatouille - Did well enough in the box-office but widely considered a merchandising flop. Rats are just good enough to be watchable, but not really something you want a toy of. 8) Wall-E - Kids' love of space and robots is enough to carry practically any film. Even one whose message is so preachy that you come out of the theater feeling like they dropped an anvil on your head... 9) UP - A cranky old man and a boy scout. Hmmm... do kids like to watch grumpy old people? Sure they like balloons... but an old person as a main character? For that matter, do adults really want to watch an old person as a main character in an animated feature?
I'm a huge Pixar fan, but this is clearly a rip-off of Miyazaki themes... a truly talented Japanese animator (Studio Gibli... wiki it). If you think it's a stretch, you don't know Pixar. Pixar's head is a huge fan of Miyazaki and was in charge of the English dubs of his most recent films (distributed by Disney). As a fan of both creators, it's obvious. Never mind suspension of disbelief and ignoring physics that even IF the baloons could supply enough lift (which they can't)... and even IF the house could maintain cohesion from centralized stress (which it couldn't)... how could he STORE those balloons in his home without it lifting his house off before he was "ready?" Chalk this one up to Pixar's first real bomb.
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