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The twists I did not expect at all . Worth seeing compared to the others out right now. Not super gore but, a thriller.
The Uninvited
A little creepy but story book creepy. If you liked The Nightmare Beofe Christmas you will love this. Just not as many songs but, a fantasy world that is amazing in 3D.
Internet Trailer
The animation is very similar to .. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Because its another Henry Selick film without Tim Burton.
Featurette - Meet the Cast
This is a movie that I am not going to miss. I loved Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This looks even better from the tralier.
I Love You, Man
Red Band Trailer
People will now know who really is wolverine. He is one of the best comic book characters in my opinion.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
I cannot wait to see this . Deffinately a movie that is going to be a blockbuster.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Leaked Comic Con Footage I
My Bloody Valentine 3D is way better than this . I am warning anyone who thinks of seeing this . It is not what it seems.
The Unborn
It was really cool to see the movie in 3D. It was your typical cheesy horror film but still fun to watch. Plenty of gore and action..
My Bloody Valentine 3-D
I thought this movie would be a tragedy . Far from it . Yes Klaatu could have could have explained some more but, it was hardly necessary otherwise it would have been preachy.
The Day the Earth Stood Still
International Trailer
Great way to start the story by building up the characters . Hopefully the next film will be a bit quicker paced. Cannot wait.
Opening Credits
I was totally impressed by this film . Way better than I expected. Best film out this month hands down. Since Valkyrie was a bust.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
International Trailer
Bond has changed and it is going to take me some time to get used to it . Hopefully it doesnt take everyone long to make the change either.
Quantum of Solace
It was great movie that everyone should try to see. Star performance from Sean Penn . Milkwas much better than I thought it would ever be.
I hope Christian Bale doesn't screw this up. It is bad enough its another sequel as it is.
Terminator Salvation
Teaser Trailer
This movie is great to bring the little kids to go see. They will love every minute of it .
TV Spot #2
This movie looks great ! The scenery, the costumes . Also a true story thrown in will make this movie a success. With Tom Cruise leading the charge .
Final Trailer
I hope the movie does justice to the comic book.
Feature Trailer
This is my favorite comedy this year. I would have never have thought it would be this funny.
Zack and Miri Make a Porno
This movie hits all the high standards of every other Kevin Smith Movie ever made. It was hilarious to watch and had the greatest dialogue . People were laughing through the entire film.
Zack and Miri Make a Porno
Trailer B
This movie was terrible . I feel sorry for anyone that pays to see this film. What a tragedy .
Max Payne
Trailer B
I could not believe how good this film actually was . Don't worry about the subtitles during the action sequences there arent any really . People are too busy fighting or screaming to be talking . This is one of the best films this year.
Let the Right One In
Red Band Trailer
It seems like forever since the last Harry Potter movie came out . I wish it would just come out already in theaters .
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Feature Trailer
Another great movie coming out by Pixar Monster Inc was good plus so many other films that they have done . Just makes you wonder what you do with a house flying with ballons? How do you land ?
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