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The twists I did not expect at all . Worth seeing compared to the others out right now. Not super gore but, a thriller.
The Uninvited
A little creepy but story book creepy. If you liked The Nightmare Beofe Christmas you will love this. Just not as many songs but, a fantasy world that is amazing in 3D.
Internet Trailer
The animation is very similar to .. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Because its another Henry Selick film without Tim Burton.
Featurette - Meet the Cast
This is a movie that I am not going to miss. I loved Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This looks even better from the tralier.
I Love You, Man
Red Band Trailer
People will now know who really is wolverine. He is one of the best comic book characters in my opinion.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
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The Last Days on Mars - Trailer
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Million Dollar Arm - Trailer
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22 Jump Street - Red Band Trailer
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