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...the coolest trailer ever
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What is the song in this trailer?
4:44 Last Day on Earth
a better version of Insidious
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@trillionare - First off the 4.4.12 release date is only for the UK, and maybe some other regions out that way. They don't seem to have gotten a wide distribution deal, as they are marketing for requests by anyone who wants the film to be shown in their area (check their official site). Also, get your comments straight. "Griffin" made the overly outraged comments, not "master reviewer." @Griffin - seriously, relax. The director, who is Finnish and doesn't have as close to the same views as you do, spent 6 years getting this movie made. It is his dream project, not a hollywood money-grabber. You might know that if you were an actual film fanatic.
Iron Sky
My only complaint is using last-name-only for someone like Liam Hemsworth, who hasn't don't any kind of big action movies, when his brother is the one people would more likely recognize. My guess is they're using the Thor fame as a draw for younger audiences. The name just doesn't belong in the mix with all those top caliber action stars, unless it was actually Chris being referred to.
The Expendables 2
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The Last Days on Mars - Trailer
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Maleficent - Trailer
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