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Agree MCG, the've all aged and the anchorman hairpiece Will is wearing doesn't fit well. I know it's a promo. It's been so long, is this set in the 80's now? I'll what for the actual trailer.
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
Teaser Trailer
I agree Snot, I agree. I myself, am happy it's clearly not a prequel that some rumors have said and that he is not a young Jason. Looks good....real good.
The Bourne Legacy
Feature Trailer
"What, like Anal?" I love it wihen childhood stuffed animals talk dirty.
Red Band Trailer
Trun. Ok, sure "remake" by definition - using source material from another movie. Apes in power and humans beneath them, smart human rises against them, that's it. Characters, mission and story were completely different. Burton used the term “re-imagine” for that reason. Ewoks Adventures, as example, were not sequels nor prequels to Star Wars, they were in fact "Same Universe" Ridley is not remaking his 1979 ALIEN, and I'm not sold on the term prequel just yet. Ridley himself says no to pre and sequel and uses the term "same universe". Prometheus may be what DS9 was to ST next generation. I for one, do not believe that they are the same derelict ship or Jockey from ALIEN from what I see in the trailer. But Trun, I digress, the issue is ALIEN/Prometheus and would love to continue this in a different arena, not to cloud the Prometheus post here for others. I think you can click on my user name and send messages directly. Ultimately nether one us will know for another 8 months.
Alright, here is my 2 cents. Its not a prequel nor a sequel. As Ripley said "same universe". I want you all to think. Tim Burtons Planet of the Aps. That was NOT a remake nor sequel. It had nothing to do with the Hestons APE movies. Know I have watch this trailer over and over to the point my wife already annoyed. Is that a Space Jockey? Yes. Is that an ALIEN transport ship? Yes. Are they same ones that crashed from ALIEN? No. The Jockey's cockpit and room is different, the cargo is different. People its an alien race that have space ship tech....there's probebly more than one. We have 12 aircraft carriers, they all look the same. Cargo Tankers all look the same. As I said before, Ridley has no ties to the other movies AND DOES NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW THERE CANON. I love ALIENS, but that belongs to James, and I'm not going to discuss the others. Same Universe, before Ripley or after "Resurrection". I wont know until the end credits like hidden"easter egg" end credits. Just my 2 cents.
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