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Piccolos antenns will pop out when he goes to the bathroom...
Dragonball Evolution
Teaser Trailer
Ok Amigoes.. Friendos.. Adaptation, like Resident Evil Series. may be suck, but why do they have to do it that way?, I want to watch the same thing i can see on the anime series! maybe it can be the last word about every character, but God noooo, they didn't put the ""antennaes" or tentacles or whatever on piccoro's head, gosh thats so hard and expensive to do, like a googleplex trillion dollars, OMG, db movie is ruined just for that. Ok, "chillization", there most be anything good about this. Maybe if they draw them on paper, and make a furry tail for Goku, with old socks maybe it will work. An then they can just call the people who made king kong to do a really cool oozaru animation. but this time, he wouldn't go happy looking a girl dancing. Ok it wont work, the already spent a googolplex trillion dollar making piccoro's head just the same at the anime series. Ok there's somenthing missing, ok they could just go to south america and bring a big turtle to make sensei roshi come out of the see on it.. They should try cause i'm a stuborn cryiing baby, that likes watching the same thing over and over, and, it wold be great if anyone redo resident evil movies so i can watch them going all over the police station looking for the precinct keys, just to get down with a girl that just do everything she wants so at the end the lab explodes killing W birkin and making sherry a new orphan. And maybe the one who made the first DB movie could borrow the plastic crocodile for the sewers escene... oh man what a fantastic script, and i came up with it, just after playing just one videogame... or maybe goku can fall in love with rebecca cahmbers... and master roshi could teach leon the kamehameha... killing zombies that way must be easier...
Dragonball Evolution
Teaser Trailer
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