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What a let down... Well, I think I'll have to stick with "How many roads must a man walk down" for some more time.
I like it more when Spider-man's origin is about his uncle, not his parents.
The Amazing Spider-Man
Theatrical Trailer
Sounds like the concept of Casper. Fucking ghosts and their inability to verbalize their emotional needs.
Feature Trailer
Nice visuals, I think a fully live action movie wouldn't make justice to the characters' features... And the motion/performance capture looks great, even if (or maybe because of) they are using more cartoony proportions... I only wish they had used the opening theme from the Ellipse/Nelvana cartoon somewhere, that tune kicks ass.
The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn
Feature International Trailer
Do the books have this strong connotation with the "JC" or was it just me reading too much in the movie's logo? Oh, and I loved the fact that they spared us another trailer full of scenes paced with heartbeat sound effects, or with that "DOOOOMMMM... DOOOMMM... DOOMM..." sound they keep using in action movies trailers. And thank god they didn't use Nu Metal in the soundtrack. As for the movie itself, i think it's nice that hey maintained the victorian era as the basis for the earth scenes.
John Carter
Is it based on some book or something? Martin Scorsese directing a kid's movie made me curious. Also, it has trains! I love trains.
Lepper boat! Lots of mutilation jokes, how wouldn't you love a kid's movie with this kind of humor?
The Pirates! Band of Misfits
This kind of movie shouldn't be allowed having a poster with the name tilted 90 degrees. Makes no fucking sense.
Jack and Jill
This is an amazing character. In the comic books, at least. His stories can be a little messed up sometimes, or even straight plagiarism from low-profile horror movies (Stepford Wives, The Hidden, Dead Zone, etc), but the comics have a nice atmosphere and a good supporting cast. Unfortunately, the movies had to dump Dylan's sidekick, Groucho, probably to avoid a lawsuit. Sadly, that's the equivalent of making a Superman movie where Superman can't fly. Speaking of wich, Brandon Routh fits like a glove for the part. But this change they made, that in the movie he works FOR the monsters, is a little silly. Smells like a Dragon Ball - style adaptation. I'll wait for the DVD.
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
The title sounds so stupid that it looks almost suckproof! If they cast Clint Eastwood to make a cameo and put a Morricone piece in it, the event would make hair grow in the chest of every emo kid in the world.
Cowboys & Aliens
Carlos, you make me proud. E por falar nisso, bela bunda, hein? Que bom que nao foi tachado de "inapropriado" pelos figuroes de LA...
Feature Trailer
Disney, I wish you luck. Really. But these motion captured performances are horrible. Yeah, they make nice extras in the DVDs, but they also make your movie look like one of those Barbie animations, and it gets worse when the characters have cartoon proportions. It reminds me of that fat kid from Monster House, and I hated him.
Mars Needs Moms
Is that Wolverine font? Did they dare to write "from the director of Twilight" with it? That's the wrong way of borrowing awesomeness, bub. They better be making a good movie now. Well, the girl is cute anyway. Sorry the poor english.
Red Riding Hood
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The Last Days on Mars - Trailer
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