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Really!! I know hollywood had lost it a while back with senseless remakes. To make one of a movie that makes as much sense as original is just outright inconceivable.
Red Dawn
Eastwood has the magic of turning a very mundane script and bringing out the best in B class actors.....a typical Eastwood movie. Probably pop in to see
Trouble with the Curve
Doesn't look too bad, probably give it a shot
Alex Cross
He is definitely going to kill this movie like he has done every other movie in his life.....
Really the cast looks decent but I hope it really isn't a ghost movie like it looks, was hoping for one of those dark horrors about alien abduction,that would have been a better sell... When did Ghosts start getting airbourne. Wait for it on HBO or free cable
Really ...It is about a Hunter not about the animal. ...You need to Just Enjoy the acting and turnoff once in a while.
The Hunter
Feature Trailer
I was actually hoping for a reboot..... i l;ike Jeremy Renner as a support actor....he was great in The Town, MI4, Hurt Locker, just don't see him elevating this franchise... How do you outdo Matt Damon?
The Bourne Legacy
OMFG....Now i can DIe after i see this movie. I don't know how stallone made this work but he has my money already. Arnold, Stallone, Willis in a movie where they are all active. OMG this movie should have happened 15years ago but i'll still watch it. The Gods of action movies are not giving in yet. I am so psyched up.
The Expendables 2
Teaser Trailer
I always love the fight scene in foreign movies more authentic.... Must watch
The Raid: Redemption
Red Band Trailer
Really.... the old spidey movies are still fresh in mind and now someone churns out this crap. You can't remake a movie that young. HOLLYWOOD Truely is dead.... no originality anymore. All rebooths and remakes. Definitly not paying for this one....smh
The Amazing Spider-Man
Looks mouth watering already... i'm sold
Conan the Barbarian
Red Band Trailer
@ movie addictguy007 i concur..... movie can go either way jury is out on the cast... as they all blow hot and cold. I hope its good though
Killer Elite
Even Jeremy Renner can't save this movie...... And the Rap song in the trailer didn't help much
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
gatta admit it looks good entire cast is back plus rock as pursuing agent. Rock vs Vin Diesel fight will be AWESOME... like the Stallone Vs Schwarzenegger fight of the 80's that never happened
Fast Five
can't compare year one to this..... Jack black is on his own planet. only his fans watch his movies.... James Franco is d shit(a la pineapple express) and danny mcbride is also good(eastbound and down et pineapple express) should be worth the watch..
Your Highness
Red Band Trailer
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The Last Days on Mars - Trailer
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