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nicola calvert
Okay so i've just picked myself up off the floor!! All i can say is OMG!!! This film is going to be the biggest and the best yet!! I really can not wait now, i don't care if this was leaked out or not! The only concern as a diehard Potter fan is that moving the final battle to the Burrow is going to disrupt the major plot ending (i'm not going to write what it actualy is but i think most peeps know who i'm on about!) But we'll have to see how that one plays out, David Hayman did a great job of OotP and there is no dought in my mind that HBP is going to out do OotP by far! All that is left to say is bring on July!! XxX
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
International Teaser Trailer
So iread the books and then Da Vinci Code gets made into a movie which turned out alright not as good as the book but always tends to happen, but when i heard this was being turned into a movie i didn't really know how to react, this is my fav book and i really hope it turns out to be awsome, and by the looks of the trailer i'm going to have much to worry about! It looks far better that Da Vinci Code and Ron Howard looks to have outdone himself, so i look forward to its release 5*'s all the way! XxX
Angels & Demons
Teaser Trailer
For me the last bond film was lacking quiet alot, although i do love bond films Daniel Craig isn\'t the best bond i\'ve seen. However the new film looks to be shaping up be the best bond movie yet, Daniel is bringing a whole new feel to bond and so far i like it! 5*\'s from me!XxX
Quantum of Solace
Feature Trailer
Okay so i watched this to see how bad it was going to be and actually found myself laughing quiet alot, i'm not the biggest Zac Effron fan but good god i've just been converted he looks so hot in this film, and it looks like he's turned into a good actor as well! But like most people i can only see Zac as Troy but i think that this film will give a good kick start to shake that off! XxX
17 Again
I didn't really like her (Dekota Blue Richards) in The Goldern Compass, but i might go and see it because the costumes look really good, and i am a costume student at uni. But other than that i don't think i would see it. XxX
The Secret of Moonacre
International Trailer
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