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Ganesh03, I think it's New Gold Dream by Simple Minds =) I hope I'm right.
The Informers
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From what documentaries I've seen on the subject of apocalypse, the world has gone through several "lives", a certain number in total it will go through say some old prophets. The last one is estimated to begin around 2012. So if anything happens at all (which I'm giving a 5 - 10% chance of likelihood), it wouldn't be the end, just something really bad. Edward Casey, the "Sleeping Prophet" predicted the Earth would shift, which has happened before, I believe. Anyway, December that year I'll be hiding up in the mountains until I'm sure things are safe. If millions of us are gonna die, I wanna be around to watch. Can't wait.
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This seems cool. Henry Selick for the win.
If you don't like it, why are you watching the trailer and commenting? It doesn't do any good except get people mad, and if you're a good person that's the last thing you want to do. If we love Twilight then leave us to our happiness. You won't see me posting negative comments on movies I don't like. Maybe if you saw a trailer without knowing anything about it, and your thoughts on it weren't good, you'd be entitled to post your opinion. But you guys came here with the intention to criticize and attack. That's just rude. And to whoever said that an author of a bad book deserves to burn in hell, you really have your punishment to crime ratio screwed. Go think happy thoughts and breathe.
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