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HOLY SHIT.THIS IS F***ing epic. it's if official the best trailer i've ever seen wow fricking awsome.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Feature Trailer
wow can't wait NOT to see it
Hotel for Dogs
Trailer B
to all of you that say "harry potter fans need to lstop comparing twilight..." or what ever let me just say you' all twilight fans started it why would we compare harry potter to twilight we don't i don't care what new book other 14 year old girls are in to but what made me angry was all this people saying "twilight is the new harry potter" and it is not and it will never be! you like the book good for you but stop comparing it to HP or the author to J.K. especially J.K. because you'll just WRONG!! harry potter has reached a level unmatched by any other and definatly not by twilight.
International Trailer
this looks like an episode of smallville with a twist of charmed or buffy plus some cheesy line like "you are my world now" or "you brought a snack" don't compare this shit to harry fucking potter. HP is legend now any book that compares it self to it or any author that compers his/her self to j.k. if in for some deep imbarresment. so to all of you take your "million times used before plot of vampire in love with human" shit and shove it. and to who ever said in the comments bellow that HP uses repeated plot are you serious the vampire and human in love plot is not exactly original is it. HP FTW.
International Trailer
if you go to mtv movies there is a frame by frame explanation of the trailer. and both hagrids hut and the burrow are on fire. the burrow is not set on fire in the book (i've read it 3 times) but warner borthers took thr liberty to do what ever they want and as i understand it that's whre they are going to place the final battle instead of hogwarts like in the book (assholes) because "they din't want it to look similar to the final battle at the end of deathly hallows. again assholes. i can't understand why j.k. is being lenient with them i mean they should be afraid of her it's fucking harry potter the #1 franchise in history (that's a fact) more than star wars or anything any other company would be happy to pick it up so they took too many things out of OOTP which was like 1:30 shorter that the prisoner of azkaban film even though the book was longer so they shouldn'y be cutin part or adding stuff may be it's just me because i would't care if a HP film goes for 3 and a half hours or more i swear. but i have to admit this trailer was brilliant who ever makes the trailer for the harry potter film is like wow. if there was an oscar for the best traile he'd take it. i'm watching it 5 times a day, more the day it came out. 5 stars for the trailer i can't wait , seriously can't. to july and i keep thinking i coud hace been watcking this in 3 weeks. also i want to say SUCK ON THIS TWILIGHT!!!
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
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