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Not even Sabbath could save this.
300: Rise of an Empire
Theatrical Trailer
Count me in,looks fun.
Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead
Red Band Trailer
I can't be less excited about this film if I tried.
The Legend of Hercules
Feature Trailer
I hope it's better than the first one.
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Sneak Peek Trailer
I'm in,looks fantastic.
The Grand Budapest Hotel
This looks great,I'm in
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Feature Trailer
If you don't know the story don't watch this trailer.It tells you the whole story.Give the people something to wait for,jeez.
Yes please,count me in guv.
Dom Hemingway
It's a yes from me :-)
Dallas Buyers Club
lighten up folks,looks fun :-)
At last, something different.....I hope
The ABCs of Death
Red Band Trailer
Well I for one am looking forward to this film.It looks like my type of thing :-)
Red Band Trailer
Well,it looks pretty good to me.You can never tell by a trailer,but,i like what i saw.Who cares about "You gotta be kidding me." there will be lots more of that and in American accents,so what.Chill out folks,it's only a film.
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
yes please,looks good to me.But then The Blair Witch Project looked good in the trailer.How wrong can you be.
Feature Trailer
hey,Left4dead2.No offence,but,it's only a film.And I for one am looking forward to it.
Paranormal Activity 4
Theatrical Trailer
looks awful,just like the first one.
The Expendables 2
That looks awesome.Way over the top,but,awesome.
The Man with the Iron Fists
Red Band Trailer
I'll watch that,Looks creepy enough for my taste.
I actually said 'wow' out loud.It looked like an old cliche of an horror at first,but stuff's happening in that trailer that says 'I must see this'.
Red Band Trailer
This has to be great,no other outcome is possible.Cannot wait.
Monsters University
Disco Teaser Trailer
Well I for one think that looks awesome.Count me in.
A great film,go see it,you'll love it.
Tucker and Dale vs Evil
Red Band Trailer
looks funny to me but what do i know.
The Virginity Hit
Red Band Trailer
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