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I personally blame Warner Bros. for the reason this teaser is a little lackluster. I manage at a movie theater and when we received this trailer on the hard drive, I was stoked. Then I had to wait for what seemed to be forever for the license keys to become unencrypted to watch it. Needless to say, I was just a bit disappointed when I saw it, but still excited nonetheless. My hunch is this: Warner Bros. hounded Nolan to release a teaser trailer in time for the release of their other MASSIVE film, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2. I can only imagine that Nolan is still editing the film/wrapping up the details, and prepping it for it's summer release. Therefore, he probably only had a little material to work with in order to develop a teaser. I'm happy he released it, and I"m happy to finally see Bane in all his glory, but I found the scenes from the previous films to water down the suspense of the finale. And M4TTH3W, thanks for the translation! I knew the League Of Shadows/Assassins were going to make an appearence in this film along side Ra's Al Ghul (young and old) as in the comics, Bane & Al Ghul team up to take down Gotham City.
The Dark Knight Rises
Teaser Trailer
This movie has a LOT going for it: great cast, great writing, and a ton of bite to the punchlines. This might be the Diaz comeback we've been waiting for....because The Green Hornet was DEFINITELY not it.
Bad Teacher
Red Band Trailer
I have such a mental hard on for this movie!!! To all those that say that no storyline was conveyed in this trailer, I say look again: a picture is worth a thousand words. Unstable girl gets into some deep trouble at home. She gets declared insane and needs psychiatric help, so they ship her off to a forboding mental hospital where she meets the rest of the badass female cast, and then they plot an escape which is shown through her surreal imagination. You don't need dialogue to convey this. In fact, dialogue would probably ruin the visual masterpiece this is. I would not object to this being a dialogueless film. if you want dialogue, there is plenty of dramas to be seen in 2011, whom I am also a fan of. But to appreciate Zack Snyder, you've got to enter his world where visuals play an integral part of storytelling.
Sucker Punch
Feature Trailer
This movie looks really good right off the bat. I think the trailer could of stopped short about 1:15 in though. The ending gave it the same bitter taste as other crime drama's based on true stories. I just hope it's not too lengthy like Black Dahlia. I enjoyed that film but it just dragged on and on. This has a chance to be a real winner though with its two strong leads.
All Good Things
Aron Ralston's story is beyond epic. I think James Franco will be good for that role.
127 Hours
Feature Trailer
While the original work is amazing, this adaptation could work. It has a great cast, and the special FX do look expensive, it reminds me of Mirrormask in a way, which I love that film! Definitely worth a watch.
The Tempest
@Noctis: Crouching Cowboys Hidden Ninja's? hah That's awesome. This has the potential to be a sleeper film. While it does borrow from many of today's action genre films and modern martial art films like the great Curse Of The Golden Flower and Hero, it could be interesting if the story is somewhat intricate and detailed. Let's just hope it's not all mindless action nonsense.
The Warrior's Way
Can't wait. The Coen brothers' films are always a treat. Jeff Bridges just might do John Wayne justice in this Western remake.
True Grit
Feature Trailer
This actually seems somewhat interesting. I agree with mrvandemar's Jumper comment, as it also goes along with movies like The Covenant and Hancock. It may be mediocre but at least it's somewhat original. It'll be one of those films you see once and either love or hate and never watch again.
I Am Number Four
Teaser Trailer
How excited I am to see this film!!! It comes out a day before my birthday, and everything about this will be amazing. Daft Punk composing the score, the gorgeous Olivia Wilde & the always-talented Jeff Bridges (whom resumes his role from the original film) , and the CGI/Greenscreen work will be praised for it's visuals for years to come. Disney will actually hit this one out of the park. December can't come fast enough.
Tron Legacy
Disney Channel Sneak Peek
This has a really good story & a great cast to round it off. I think it will have great character development and a helluva ending. It just looks too epic to pass up. Hope we get it at the theater I manage at.
Okay, I LOVE me some Paul Bettany, but first Legion and now this? Come on! He's a great talent but now he's getting type-cast in the "post-apocalyptic" genre and it's getting stale. SUPER stale. The special FX and fight choreography looks amazing, but this looks like Blade meets Franklyn squeezed into a Chronicles Of Riddick tube and packaged in a Matrix-esque fighting realm. AND it's in 3D. Thanks Hollywood.
First off, Darren Afronofsky has YET to release a bad film. His films are an acquired taste but each one is in a league of its own. This looks like it's going to be the female composite to The Wrestler, which I loved. Portman is awesome and Mila Kunis might get to breakout in the drama genre with this role. Super stoked.
Black Swan
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