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@pikachu1070: Actually, for me (and perhapse others), is that since a story is defined a good amount by it's cast/characters, if they are (almost?) completely differant, then it's not the same story as the original, but something very differant more -based- on the original. For some this is both good and bad. Bulma is more differant then having an incorrect colour hair. Roshi Sensei is completely differant, Piccolo being green is one thing that defined the fact he WASN'T HUMAN. No, it's not Dragon Ball Z, But in the original series, it was pretty obvious he wasn't human. Moreover, Goku was two times younger (he was infact a small boy with extreme innocents as the very center of his persona), and not a funny-looking 90210 reject... So what remains? Personality and persona... Are they completly intact? If not, then a good amount of true fans WILL be dissipointed (Those who've only seen DBZ and GT, and think that's what this is, are not true fans). If this movie will be good or not, we'll see, time will tell. Because in track record, they haven't made a movie in the States yet, that captures the original stories of anything from Japan, as if they thought it needed repairing (save perhapse Speed Racer? Haven't seen it, and haven't seen the show since i was a small child, so whould i notice a differance?). If the need to repair, then why did they wanna remake it to begin with? Why repair something un-broken? It already appeals to it's audience. Besides this, it looks like it'd be a decent movie... Just like the Super Mario Bros. Movie was a decent movie by it self, but very much contrary to the original concept, so that it was Mario in name only. The same story could have applied still with themes a bit closer to home (good writers and directors can do that, despite what most think, if they'd only try to realise they remake something that fans already love. They just didn't know enough of the original, or how it as simplistic as it was, could still be worked into a story... You know, like most modern un-canon Marios are, and do just fine story-wise). Again, however, time will tell as to if this movie flops. i won't completely decide if it's good till i see it... ...
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