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less than 10 hours to raise a hundred grand OR YOU DIE.tick.tock.tock.what woul u do,me i would start by going to see thiz movie.lmmao
Dead Man Running
International Trailer
one of the homies i know use to sell drugs an i found out from hiz brother tha he even sold it to hiz dad ,when i asked him how could he do that hiz answer was why not he gon go out there an get it from sumonelse so why the hell not me.ggggunit...i would go to see this movie jus cause jamaica queens iz in it,even though fif's character is a bit redundant/stereo typical (blackdrug dealer)i wont question his choice at acceptin this role plus it does hav a lil drama to it...seems like fif's runner played by chase crawford semms to think he can trust his boss(50) until his drug dealing boss sleeps with his girl cause she does not hav the funs to pay for the drugz..shiiit i would hav gone an seen this shit anyway to watch jamaican queens put the ding a ling on the white girl from gossip girl?
Promo Trailer
They tell me to stop all thiz gun talking an all this guntoting yet overseas/ bombs exploding/guns shooting/but instead of retreat/ i'm ready to repeat/ all the gun talking/gun toting/weed smoking..hah.ha....gggggggggggunit,luv the trailer fif entertaining fosho, an we all know thats what folks out here want,to be taken away after a long day(regular 9-5)not that i would know anythang about that.lmmao..anyway i see u got Mr trejo in this one too, along with val kilmer an one of the most underrated character actors.a quote from the movie the first 48 hours:he likes shooting cops more than he likes getting pussy,Mr james Remar himself,oh yeah the female looks like a new commer i cant really put a name to her,maybe someone out there might comment back with one.
hey danny my fellow thespian,i enjoyed watching the trailer to your new movie (vengeance)as alwayz it was filled with lots of entertainment...ie.beautiful women,lots of action,..not to mention u showin love to some hip hop heads(tech 9,50 cent)plus it has a message to it about a man lookin 4 justice for the death of his family ,which iz great since in this world that we living in everyone iz screaming for peace but no one seems to want to fight for justice.In closing I would like to say keep up the good work and hopefully one day it wouuld be my pleasure to work with you!
Danny Trejo's Vengeance
Red Band Teaser Trailer
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