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Well we know the real question is, do they make him pee in the radiator. If not, then obviously it's a completely different movie. ;)
Red Dawn
I still don't understand why people keep acting like the word battleship can only be associated with a game.
Theatrical Trailer
I get the same feeling as Aaron. To me, this would be cool if it was one of those shows from different peoples points of view. Each with different attitudes towards the end. People that overlap in some way.
4:44 Last Day on Earth
In friends, the first season, they always put her in miniskirts. She had awesome legs and ass. Most of the guys watching didn't notice her acting the first season. :) Compared to the average woman her age, she's hot as hell. Probably young guys commenting here.
Well that depends, if the plot is that his parents are the spies, and they never told him, his dad just basically trained him, I wouldn't say it's exactly bourne clone. Hell how many guy movies are loosely the same plot, just so we can get some good action anyway. :)
Trailer B
Well you know, with GC these days, they can really improve all those old special effects. (chuckle)
I guess I wasn't such a big fan of the board game. While I thought of it first, i didn't just assume it was directly taken from the board game. Is the poster the same as one of the old game covers or something? My thought was, just because a movie has the same name, doesn't mean it has to be a rip off of the game, or devired from it.
I have to agree with Apollo4,Logan's run came to mind, so to puff2, I say, ground was already broken.
In Time
The intro thing was crap. Looks like a redbox rental, or straight to dvd. Made me think of adventures in babysitting.
The Sitter
Red Band Trailer
Actually, I think I'd like to see that one. Someone needs to change the music and sprinkle some blood into the trailer. :)
The Odd Life of Timothy Green
We all know, without any restricting rules, Gracie was champ. Pfft. :)
Found the trailer annoying, but my kids will probably love it.
Happy Feet Two
Teaser Trailer
Seems like there could be a decent underlying comedic theme here, but you'd have to give more in the trailer to see if that's really the case. By this trailer, it's a late night, can't sleep and it just happens to be on cable/netflix/hulu watch though.
Elektra Luxx
Viral - Role Playing
Oh this looks bad. I'll probably watch it because it's out in redbox though. That's if Netflix doesn't have it.
Black Lightning
It's a movie, they're are mutliple trailers. This one didn't tell the story at all. I looks like every 12 year old's dream. Hotties, Guns, Swords, dragons.
Sucker Punch
Feature Trailer
The coolest thing about the old one's was the stop-motion effects. This looks more like a fan flick, then a big budget movie.
Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage
LIES! We all know that's code for, you stole a car.
Take Me Home Tonight
HAHA leco. Maybe it's the kind of movie where they're all slave girls, and they can't show up the crying and vile acts on the trailer. :D
The Eagle
Hard to even rate it, as there's nothing here. Sure, graphics look good, and it's cute, I guess, but even for a teaser, there's not much tease here. Will show the kids, but I'd say this is a sad teaser.
Teaser Trailer
Yeah, another maybe on redbox. The world has always cycled, and will, no matter what we do, we need to get off the planet, everything else is a temporary fix until the sun explodes. *shrug*
Cool It
Well I'll wait for it on redbox or netflix, probably. Looks like it could be a good cheese night flix, but there's no way I'd pay the extra $4 at the theater to see it in 3D.
Drive Angry 3D
As a teaser I liked it.
Battle: Los Angeles
Hell I loved the first one, there's a lot of little things to the story, that make great points. My boy loved it, and it gave us lots to talk about. not sure about this one. Worry it might just be milking the money wagon.
Cars 2
Yeah, I thought they said he lost out on Deadpool because he did this movie? Never was big on Green Lantern, was surprised it got made into a movie. I'll go watch it though.
Green Lantern
Fitrox was close... They won't beat Indiana Jones/Han Solo and Bond.. .hehe
Cowboys & Aliens
@noctiscaelum Yeah, but she's a little crazy, and has a high pain tolerance.. .this could get fun... :D
Black Swan
Sounds like we have a bunch of experts here that need to go into the directing business.
My Soul to Take
This trailer looks better than the last. It looks like it might have a plot. :) I don't know what would be wrong with seeing pieces of the monster. I get the impression there isn't just one. Otherwise it might just be another zombie movie, or DOOM, or resident evil. Just give us the monsters right away and let's watch a hack and slash film. This one might show developement. The begining might look neat and positive, new life on earth, maybe it even has benefits. Then.. there's always a balance. .dun Dun DUN.. .*chuckle*
They need to put in a comment rating system, so we can bump some of of them down the list a bit.
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Comic Con Greeting
Hmm never bothered to watch cloverfield. Heard to many bad things about it. I really liked District 9 though. Not seeing a monster is probably an attempt at old school horror/suspense. That could be a good thing, if they can pull it off. I'm glad they didn't blow it by showing it in the trailer. The problem is, if there's a good enough plot. If they can't deliver on the plot, then they better go new age, and just over do the effects. :)
Teaser Trailer
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