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Well we know the real question is, do they make him pee in the radiator. If not, then obviously it's a completely different movie. ;)
Red Dawn
I still don't understand why people keep acting like the word battleship can only be associated with a game.
Theatrical Trailer
I get the same feeling as Aaron. To me, this would be cool if it was one of those shows from different peoples points of view. Each with different attitudes towards the end. People that overlap in some way.
4:44 Last Day on Earth
In friends, the first season, they always put her in miniskirts. She had awesome legs and ass. Most of the guys watching didn't notice her acting the first season. :) Compared to the average woman her age, she's hot as hell. Probably young guys commenting here.
Well that depends, if the plot is that his parents are the spies, and they never told him, his dad just basically trained him, I wouldn't say it's exactly bourne clone. Hell how many guy movies are loosely the same plot, just so we can get some good action anyway. :)
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