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Is it just my computer or does this video not seem to be working?
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Featurette - Disney Movie Previews
I was able to attend an advanced screening of RANGO and it's as much fun for adults as the kids. There are numerous older movie references and adult jokes that will be over the kids' heads, but received a lot of laughs from the adults in the audience. Kids will enjoy the action and "kiddie" humor as well as an important message. The animation is so sharp & detailed it's truly something to see. It's definitely not like any animated film I've seen before.
Love my Capt. Jack--can't wait! I've read the book this is based on & it's a great read. It will be interesting to see the bits that make it into the film. Jack was never really "loopy"--that's part of his "display" to the world so that no one takes him seriously. However, if you've seen all 3 films, Jack does have a serious side to himself as well. This looks to be a combination of the too which should be fun. Drinks all around!
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
I enjoyed this film so much--I just don't understand the blasting it's been given by critics. Depp played the charming,, somewhat bumbling tourist beautifully. Jolie was stunning in her outfits as the mysterious woman, and if critics didn't feel the chemistry between them on the screen, then they didn't see the same version I did. These outtakes show how well all the actors got along, too.
The Tourist
Featurette - Outtakes
What a fun role for Depp to play. After hiding under makeup for the Mad Hatter, it's nice to see Johnny take on a "normal" role. I'm sure he'll bring an interesting touch to this "normal" character.
The Tourist
Junket Interview - Johnny Depp
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