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Dragonball Evolution
Behind the Scenes
I have been a fan of DragonBall ever since I was a kid until today. I have been drawing the anime, buying collectibles, etc. I became glad when I knew that DragonBall was going to be adapted into the big screen. But, after seeing the "horrible" pictures of the charecters and the actors that will play them, my heart sank. They destroyed the image of my favorite anime, they butchered and stepped on it. And now, after seeing the trailer, I became really angry. What the fuck? Guns? Real cars? Fucked-up characters? Shitty production crew? BAD. FUCKED-UP writer and DIRECTOR? This wasn't what I had in mind when I was wondering what the DragonBall movie woud look like. Fuck the director, fuck the cast, fuck everyone who thinks this movie is going to be great. FUCK THIS MOVIE. I'm super mad right now that I want all of the production crew, everyone who made this movie and gather them all and make them watch the Dragonball series from the beginnng, and after that, make them lean against a wall and shoot them dead one by one. Oh, and I want a massive angry fan mob joining me too. FUCK, SHIT, CRAP, BULLSHIT, this is all I can say about this FUCK, SHIT, CRAP, BULLSHIT movie. I hope they make a remake of a REAL, KICK-ASS and AMAZING DragonBall movie. PS: FUCK THE DRAGONBALL MOVIE PRODUCTION CREW AND CASTS, YOU SUCK BALLS. But, as a true dragonball fan, with all the courage and strength that's left of me, I'm still going to see this movie in a PIRATED VERSION DVD, (Did you think I'm gonna see it in the theater?) Hell no. After seeing it suck, then that's the time I'm gonna conclude if the movie SUCKS since the TRAILER or SUCKS EVEN MORE after being shown. And to all, DBZ fans, don't lose hope. I hope they will hire a TRUE KICK-ASS DRAGONBALL FAN as a DIRECTOR and not a FAGGOT and SHITTY one and make a TOTAL REMAKE.
Dragonball Evolution
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