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looks fucking better then the last ones
Dragonball Evolution
That whole thing about the dragonballs being made by those guys seems fake. It was probably made by Kami again, but Roshi just says that. The eclipse thing seems stupid, but the cinematics are awesome! Piccolo's green, and Goku did a fricken Angry Kamehameha! Screw the haters, this looks like a kickass film to me. Yeah, it does have some new looks added to it but this movie isn't trying to remake the whole series! Its just making what made Dragonball great, the flying, action, the adventure, and of course the characters! Its not like you're gonna see the same thing that you did on TV a long time ago recreated into a live action version of the same exact stuff. I'd rather watch stuff that's more original.
Dragonball Evolution
International Trailer
Hey guys! Sure I love DB/Z/GT as much as possible, but why the hell would you kill someone over it?! ITS JUST A FUCKING MOVIE!!! Its only 120 or some minutes. That's just taking up all the DBZ filler that we all hated! Your childhood isn't ruined, its always there, on youtube search for it. Just because someone else made an alternate dragonball reality, doesn't mean you have to kill them. Really, if you wanna be a bitchy baby and cry everynight that dragonball isn't the same, then cry you little BITCH cry!!! "OMG THE DIRECTOR MUST DIE!!!" Screw you. This movie might suck but then again, its just a fricken MOVIE!!! The cartoon is much longer, has more life, and has an original story!!! OF COURSE THIS MOVIE ISN"T GONNA BE WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE! IT'S. A. MOVIE. If you wanna stay in your room and never grow up with your little action figures, then watch dragonball over and over again. Be a man and say "wow, that's cool that they would do that." Even if its wrong, they thought that dragonball was an important enough series to be made into a movie! If I was Toriyama, I'd be touched that someone was making a movie outta the series. And hey, Dragonball wasn't as great as Z, we know that. So the next movie has to be better then this one. All in all, I would like to say: "Stop being little chickenshits, AND BE HAPPY THEY MADE A DAMN MOVIE OUTTA THIS SERIES!!! GROW UP!!! AND QUIT BEING STUPID DOUCHEBAGS!!!!!"
Dragonball Evolution
Teaser Trailer
Thank you Rockstar, I agree with you. Anyway, yes they're having a LOT of dragonball stuff we know in it. Kamehameha, Special Beam Cannon, Flying, and other stuff! Just disregard this trailer, it's gonna be redone with added scenes and more CGI and should be released in december. I'll only watch this movie cause I'm a fan. (If I get a chance though, I will slap the director for making the hair wrong. Yes, I will bitch about that)
Dragonball Evolution
Teaser Trailer
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