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Why is it nobody seems to know how to spell "role" at this site? (Not just this trailer. Check the comments for The Last Stand). It's role. Not "roll."
Washed-up '80's pro-Republican action film stars... unite!!
The Expendables 2
It won't have anything to do with the Red Skulll. Marvel Studios owns the film rights to the Red Skull, not Sony. On top of that, the original comics story was a mess. Editors later realized that the true Red Skull would have been in suspended animation at that time, and so they retconned that storyline. The Red Skull from the Parker storyline was a KGB spy named Albert Malik, not the original Red Skull.
The Amazing Spider-Man
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The Dark Knight Rises
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Pause at the 1:37 mark and check out the "artwork" inside the ship (or cave, or wherever it is they are). It's the original alien.
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