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Aaron, aside from Casey Affleck's character in ParaNorman, I can't think of any gay characters in animated children's movies. If anything, LGBT people are way underrepresented. Not sure what you're so concerned about lol
The Boxtrolls
Teaser Trailer
This plotline was used in the Futurama episode "A Clockwork Origin."
Viral - TED
To quote Conan quoting the guy from Entertainment Tonight, "It looks good!"
This has Sandra Bullock's turkey "Premonition" and Jim Carrey's "23" written all over it. The only reason to see this film is a shirtless Daniel Craig.
Dream House
Gabourey Sidibe alone is enough to make me wanna see this one =^) Unfortunately, Mr. Murphy's performance looks less than hopeful.
Tower Heist
If it weren't for the fact that Terrence Howard gives me the creeps, I think I'd like this movie.
Red Tails
If it's as crazy as Piranha 3D, I'm in!
Shark Night 3D
The spike on the balance beam looks especially gruesome =^)
Final Destination 5
Bobby Cannavale... yuh-um.
Win Win
"Didn't turn out too well for Native Americans." -- understatement of the last several centuries.
I don't know if the movie will be any good but kudos to whoever is responsible for the trailer. P.S. - Why are they called trailers if they come BEFORE the movie and not trailing after it?
PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE let this trailer be shown when I'm at the movies.
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
Teaser Trailer
Jeremy Renner. Hubba hubba ;^)
The Town
I don't know what you can ask from Sapcey but Mr. Spacey is known for giving better-than-average performances in the roles he plays.
Casino Jack
Do the kids today call things "gay' (meaning they think it's lame or stupid) cuz they thing gay people are lame/stupid or for some other reason? Thanks.
Patrick Wilson is a hottie
Morning Glory
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The Last Days on Mars - Trailer
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