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skean calico
ok... 1. this movie, should definitely get the green light for production. the 1st and 2nd mortal kombat games was dark, gritty, had a horrific twist to it.. since the majority of the fans at the time were under 17, the movies had to be made for acceptability, while maintaining some integrity to the game.. us hard core fans, wanted more, we wanted chills running through our spines, we wanted a real factor, like being at home alone, and thinking of what you've just seen, and think to yourself, just for one second.. "oh shit, this shit is real" then you get that, BOOM in your chest, your heart starts pounding, fingers start shaking, body starts getting that prickly feeling like your being touched, but no ones there.. all you can do, all you can think, is.. GET THOSE LIGHTS ON!! now your ok, and your adrenalin starts to receed from your bloodstream, and your like" DAMN, THAT'S ONE HELL OF A FUCKIN MOVIE" potential producers of this concept, please.. please, no chessyness, make this as real as morbidly twisted as possible, gore, gore and more gore.. kinda like saw meets ninja assasin, now, reptile perfect.. baracka, lose the hair.. and slim him down a bit.. keep along the theme of it being real, i'm 28, me and the other hardcore mk fans are grown up, we want the movie that way as well, the good guys don't have to win in this one.. you can use concepts like dark matter, to introduce the out world realm in the movie.. and growing phenominas like shadow beings.. to make sense of noob saibot, goro and shiva as fourth dimensional beings.. you know, using some real world concepts of today, to truly give the film a real feel to it.. they fucked up street fighter, and dragon ball.. mk, is hollywoods last chance to make a decent video game movie.. DON'T DISAPPOINT US.. this could be a box office smash, if done right.. hardcore fans will the real world theme of it.. and the younger generation will be introduce to the mk world, with the same thrill, excitement and twisted horrific obsession we had with the first two mk games..
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