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Ted Ninja
Long time Dragon Ball/Z fan here, I have to say this is the stupidest looking movie I have ever seen. If it was not in any way related to Dragon Ball at all I would think this was the next Mortal Kombat movie but since it's DB well...I can only assume that we have hit the all time low in entertainment. These are the final days of movies and TV. We have outlived this type of entertainment. It is time to move on, on to Holodeck 3 that is. We have become so desensitized to explossions, gore, sex and the like that now in order to make a box office hit the producers of these terrible fliks thinks it must be neccissary to make everything over the top. Who are they trying to impress? Three year olds? Come on, we are more mature than that aren't we? I know a good movie when I see one. IRONMAN was great. It was not over the type. It was just badass because the actors did a good job and the explossion were addequit and not over the top. 28 weeks later was a nice ADAPTATION (I see you use that word a lot you faggot supporters of this piece of crap) of a zombie movie (as was 28 Days later the first movie of the two) Let me just end with this: This "Dragon Ball" movie is supposed to be an adaptation of the original anime from japan that was based around a saiyan child who had a tail and became a huge ape on full moon nights and had a flying cloud and a bald midget for a friend and could shoot huge freakin lasers from his hands and was able to punch like the FIST OF THE NORTH STAR! Bulma's hair was blue and there was a talking pig, and Master Roshi was an old perverted hermit. This is not a good adaptation. So much has been changed that it can no longer be related to Dragon Ball simply by included the concept of the Dragon Balls into a poorly writen screenplay involving bad kung-fu and cleavege. This movie will suck shit. I am not sorry either. I hope this movie dies in its own piss.
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