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I remember the original use to scare the hell out of me when I was little. I'm going to check this out for the hell of it.
Fright Night
Wow Diaz looks terrible. I guess they forgot to photoshop her face. YIKES
Bad Teacher
Red Band Trailer
the toxic avenger - escape (bloody beetroots remix) from need for speed
Fast Five
Tokyo Drift is the last movie in the series.... even though it came out 3rd. Thats why Han is still alive. They really like his character, thats why they keep bringing him back. Hopefully he has a bigger part in this movie. He was in the last one for what..... maybe 5 mins? Anyway if you want to get technical it should go like this -The Fast and The Furious -2 Fast 2 Furious -Fast and Furious -Fast Five (Technically it should be FF4, they messed up) -FF 6 (should be FF5, yes they are planning another movie already) -Tokyo Drift
Fast Five
Agree 100%. I've enjoyed all the movies in the series so far. I don't care about the technical or realism. Its all about the mindless popcorn fun. Rome is back. WIN
Fast Five
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