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Bad Blood...The Hunger has won 17 Festival Awards even though it's a genre film. Best movie, Best Actor/director Conrad Janis, Best Actress Piper Laurie, Best unique Color timing, Maria Janis, Best Song, Maria Janis, Best score, and best young Discovery David Jenkins. I Met the stars at one of the Festivals, Ditto writer- producer Maria Janis who curdled my blood with her recounting of actual horrific events she experienced in Casablanca. The story has nothing to do with the actual film, but the 'true events' were more horrific than even I imagined. The film if a classic in its many tributes to legendary Golden Era Films both in 'Look', style, quality, story line, brain numbing horror but not because of gratuitous gore, though there is plenty, but because there actually is a cross-generational story with an underlying macabre miasma of waiting for the second shoe to fall, and plausible and effortless but spine-tingling legerdemain directing by Conrad Janis who also stars with 3-time academy award nominee Piper Laurie who says she took the film because of the diallogue, and working with Janis. It's a Golden Era future/Retro film that is insidiously light until you realize you've climbed aboard a nightmare with seemingly no way out. I really oved it at the Burbank Festival as did the audience, and really dug the time the director and stars gave us after the screening. I'm seeing it again & again when it comes to the theaters this Fall, and hopefully my ticket will win me a chance to act in their next project. It really turned me on...great cute & talented male actors, and amazingly gorgeous female young stars, especially Rachelle Wood a definite 12 plus new beauty---move over Angelina. Riri
Bad Blood... The Hunger
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