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I can't wait for this.
Fresh Meat
Exclusive Clip - I'm the Boss
Carrey is a great actor. Just needs a good script and very good director. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, The Number 23, I Love You Philip Morris, etc . all great. Yes Man was just a weak movie but he was still good in it.
Kick-Ass 2
Red Band Trailer
Excellent! Back to basics but looking fantastic. This is a lot more Pitch Black-like which is what everyone wanted as a sequel way back when. Chronicles was ok but just didn't really cut it. This is going to rule.
Groundhog Day meets some other romantic comedy... could be pretty good...
About Time
International Trailer
I hope this is as good as their other ones. I can't wait for it.
The World's End
International Trailer
What does Cloud Atlas have to do with this movie? Tom Hanks is in both? There is nothing to compare between these two movies. Cloud Atlas was one of the great masterpieces of 2012. This may be good as well but I guarantee it won't come close to Cloud Atlas.
Captain Phillips
Saw the play in NY when it was on Broadway. Heavy material makes the best plays and musicals for me. Too bad the cast includes Meryl Streep. I'll still watch it despite her presence.
August: Osage County
This looks like a Valhala Rising 2. If it's anything like Valhala Rising I'll be so very happy. If not, still looks fantastic and I'll be there for it regardless.
Hammer of the Gods
Red Band Trailer
WOW. Just freakin wow. Can. Not. Wait.
mmm.. madonna directing. i'd see it just for that. i'm surprised she's not done this before.
Filth and Wisdom
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