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Tron Legacy (December 17, 2010)  

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They already broke a simple canon of the TRON world. The guy should have derezzed. Makes me already NOT want to see the movie. But this is the best trailer out so far.
Tron Legacy
Comic Con Trailer
Unless this is an actual MMORPG who cares.
Tron Legacy
Video Game Trailer
I hatee it when they use the "missing parent' plot.
Tron Legacy
Viral - Jump
If only a real MMORPG could be created that captured the feel of the original movie.
Tron Legacy
Viral - Space Paranoids Trailer
The original was such a breakthrough in plot and story. It has remained one of my favorite movies and will remain so. This new release fills me with mixed emotions as I cant imagine it living up to the simple yet fantastic original. I am glad to see they are trying to keep some continuity...but that can lead to plot hinderances. The special effects are great in the trailer but almost too realistic and the feeling of the "computer world" that was in the original seems indistict. Lets hope the writers are able to create a fresh plot and not some rehash.
Tron Legacy
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