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First of all, they should have left the title as TR2N, and not this "legacy" BS. I'll expalin later. Secondly, THANK GOD Disney had the nuts to do this sequal right, thats right.. with Jeff "the greatest actor of our century' Bridges. The man deserves 10 oscars if not more. Quite frankly I'm actually more excited to see this movie than any other piece of film in my life. I'm a child of the 80's, I was a kid when this hit theatres and remember every second of it. It was a hit back then, and has evolved into a cult classic ever since. The reason it has done so is simple, IT WAS WAY AHEAD OF ITS TIME. Thats right, this was literally a movie about cyberspace, 10 year before the term was even coined, 15 years before cyberspace was a household word, and 20 years before we had ugly 11 year old SpyKids fighting a virtual sylvester stallone. Matrix borrowed about 90% of its content from Tron and didn't tilt their hats to them one bit; quite frankly Keanu reeves can lick Jeff Bridge's Balls; Jeff was in cyberspace when Keanu was doing hair product commercials and dreaming for the day when Ed McMahon would molest him off-stage before he earned "3 and a half stars'. Its movies like Tron that are so far ahead of their time, that change the way movies are made. They opened up an entirely new genre of movies revolving around the possibilities of alternate, computer-based realities. And such realities that interact with the real world on different levels. I only hope that they don't bone this one up with special effects. The original TRON movie relied more on story, legend, acting, and plot, than it did the costumes and CGI. For the day, the CGI was state-of-the-art, but the movie didn't "lean on it" to make its point. I hope this movie inspires today's generation as much as it did mine.
Tron Legacy
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