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Celluloid Addict
also starring CHARLIE SHEEN *LOL* OMG
The Troll Hunter
Theatrical Trailer
.....really really sucky ! I d rather have a coffee with ET :) Ok ok .... don t scream at me, just go and watch it. They ll need any buck they can get.
Another Earth
Very promising approach. The world is going nuts anyway....why not showing it so people get a better picture.
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Love it! Who would have thought......Mr Timberlake does good.
Friends With Benefits
Did anyone notice how freakin real the moon set looks like !?!?!?!?!?!? Must have been the same in Area 51 when Stanley shot the first landing *lol*
Apollo 18
..... nowhere close to anything that i would consider as potenially epic!
The Hangover Part II
Teaser Trailer
I got your back BRYDY23 ..... it seems to be a dense atmosphere and even though not revolutionary it might be a thrilling ride! Since Apollo 13 bored me to death and Red Planet is more for a sunday afternoon......i need this to be a good Sci Fi trip :)
Apollo 18
Just listening to the sound of the SUPER 8 camera ....i love it !!! I m hoping for something special :)
Super 8
Super Bowl Spot II
Let s hope so !!!! The world needs a little bit of 80ies fun :-)
Take Me Home Tonight
Exclusive TV Spot - Best Night Ever
Yes, Johnny Depp is a great actor....that being said....the innovation bonus of the beginning is gone and they pretty much exploited the modern pirate genre to an critical extend. Honestly, I can t help but feeling mixed emotions watching this trailer. I m hoping for another Burton / Depp project because lets face it....they are a winning team.
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Visually it is kind of "Sleepy Hollow" meets "The Village" ....."Brotherhood of the Wolf" comes to mind as well. I m just thankful that Danny Elfman hadn t been copied as well !!! I ll stick to Burton and Ricci :)
Red Riding Hood
The EXECUTIONER looks like the Silent Hill character, just with a giant hammer instead of a blade. The rest is not too innovative either. Lets hope for the best.
Resident Evil: Afterlife
International Trailer
I really like him as an actor, but this seems to me like a final and desperate attempt to win the OSCAR....unworthy
I'm Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix
I ll give it a shot. Looks a little bit too much like a TRIPLE X meets KICK ASS hybrid....but hey...anybody noticed Christoph Waltz ( Inglorious Basterds) as the bad guy ?! Let s see what he can bring to the table.
The Green Hornet
Mr.Nolfi definetly had been inspired by the visual style of Inception and the plot of Dark City. For those who are interested ... Christopher Nolan had a good time watching "DREAMSCAPE" from 1984 before he gave birth to Inception. Nonetheless ... both might be worth watching.
The Adjustment Bureau
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