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only reason i'll see it is cuz i got kids and eventually the dvd will end up in the player
Teaser Trailer
not sure how this will be. Ryan reynolds is one of my favorite comedy actors so it will be interesting to see how he pulls off a roll where there will be no comedy. not even his little quips that pop up in his more serious rolls. looking forward to it at this point. have to wait til more is released tho.
Teaser Trailer
Ok, for everyone complaining about the movies not following the game - have u ever seen a movie that follows the book exactly? NO. Some stuff just doesn't translate well to screen and the studios only grant a movie a certain length when they sign the deal. Moving on....what the hell took so long for this to come out? Milla Jovovich hasn't really done much since the last one. It looks good. Questioning how "cutting edge" the 3D will actually be. The series has been damn good so far and I personally hated the video games.
Resident Evil: Afterlife
looks decent. always wary of rappers trying to break into acting. if it's good enough it'll boost up some of the "mid-level" actors in it. not very creative with the whole "drop the armored car under the street" thing, it was cool in the Italian Job remake, but not cool enough to reuse it. Hope the rest of the movie is more creative.
I think this is gonna end up a classic especially for repeatable lines like in Anchorman or Austin Powers. Sammy L and Will Ferell are usually good for this. can't wait.
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