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Dark Dragon's Spirit
I would like first of all to say that I apologize for the mis-information I fed concerning the order of the Books. It was not my intent to ruffle feathers. And I would like to secondly thank Diaigma for the kind defense; it means alot. At the end of the day...we are all Avatar fans and I think we all want this movie to come out well. We should not be at odds with eachother.
The Last Airbender
Feature Trailer
If the old man in the trailer is Zuko's uncle and not Fire Lord Ozai, then they have done a bad casting job as he looks nothing like his animated counterpart. Even if it is the post-imprisonment uncle. Be that the case, then I am happy to see that he will be there. As for Princess Yue...I was fairly certain that I remember her from Book Two as I have all three books on DVD and I watched them straight through last month...but if I am wrong, I am wrong. Nevertheless, the truth of the matter which I was trying to convay is that the movie will be covering all three books....and not just one. But thank you for your observations trailerADDICT13.....even if they were slightly lacking in tact.
The Last Airbender
Feature Trailer
For those of us who are hardcore moviegoers and critics, I would just like to say that this movie looks as though it will be VERY good. I have every confidence that Shyamalan will do an excellent job, although I was skeptical at first. Now for those of us who are true Avatar fans who have seen more than two episodes, please allow me to clarify something; this movie will cover ALL THREE books. 1. Of course they showed scenes that are obviously from Book One such as Aang's awakening, but there are also glimpses of Princess Yue, Sakka's girlfriend who becomes the Moon Spirit....that is in Book Two. 2. Aang does not start to travel to the Spirit Realm to befriend Avatar Roku's dragon until Book Two and it spills over into Book Three. 3. There is a scene with Prince Zuko dressed as the duel sword wielding, mask wearing vigilante fighting side by side with Aang and that did not happen until Book Two through Three. 4. There was also a scene with Fire Lord Ozai fighting....can we say Book Three? The only thing people I did not see in the preview that I hope to see in the film are Zuko's uncle, Princess Azula, (Zuko's badass sister), and Toph, the blind earthbender, who is easily my favorite character. And just for reference to those who say different, Aang did not master firebending until close to the end of the Third Book because it scared him when he accidently hurt Katara with it.....and Sokka did become a more somber and serious character after he became a sword master.
The Last Airbender
Feature Trailer
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