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HEY! Watch your f**king mouth!! It doesn't matter who speaks whatever language. People can comment and say whatever the hell they want. No one gives a damn about your culture, or history either! Maybe if you took spanish in high school, you would know what that person is saying. He/She never mentioned anything about culture or history, so where the hell did that stupid, ridiculous comment come from anyway?! And for someone to say we speak "English", obviously you don't because the got damn word is "SPEAK", not "SPEAKY" you f**king idiot! Sorry people, this comment is only addressed to "Dr. Hardcock"...what a name. -sarcasm-
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Trailer C
I will definitely go check it out...it seem like it'll be worth watching...I mean, if you're into romance and comedy.
Valentine's Day
I don't get it...I really don't. Michael Bay isn't all that bad, but why directors (these days) think they can turn classics into something better. It's not possible, and truthfully speaking, I am going to go see this. I want to see how "good" they really think that turn this into. Halloween remake was a disaster, Friday the 13th wasn't too far from the tree. Now we have Freddy Kruger WITHOUT Robert Englund. They say change is good, but it's not always great. I'll give this movie a try. What's next? Another Child's Play, Leprechaun...or maybe Chucky vs Leprechaun. Now that's a classic thing to see. LoL.
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Teaser Trailer
It's good see Bruce Willis back in business. It looks alright...I guess I'll go see it.
Trailer B
I can't wait...edward is out of the picture and taylor is stepping in. LoL. I like them both though!
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Feature Trailer
You people can't be serious when you say this looks good. Amanda Seyfried, Megan Fox, and Adam Brody...I can't believe their all doing a movie like this. It's really surprising.
Jennifer's Body
Red Band Trailer
Jennifer's Body
People, get a grip, seriously. Better yet, give hard working people a chance for once in your lives. What the hell are you guys doing?! I don't see any of your names under director, or producer. Besides, it's the same director from Titanic, at least give him a chance. I know every last one of you have seen Titanic and loved the hell out of that movie, so stop your b**ching, and watch it when it comes out. You probably will eat your words when you do!!!!!
I agree that they should stop making remakes, but if it's good, then the complaining should stop. These days the trailers might look interesting, but suck as a movie. IDK how to rate this one, but since I'm a horror fan in general, I'm going to see it either way.
Halloween II
Theatrical Trailer
I don't judge movies that I know I eventually will end up seeing, but it doesn't look like I woudn't stand to watch it. I'll give it a chance just like any other film.
Mystery Team
Trailer B
Look Gibby, it seems like you don't know sh*t about programming. So, how about you do some research and get back to us, okay?
Tron Legacy
Comic Con Trailer
I think the magic trio is awesome, I really do, but I also believe that other people who claim they can do better, should try and top Burton's movies. If not, shut the f**k up!!!!
Alice in Wonderland
Teaser Trailer
Bring it on Jigsaw!!! LoL. I always solve his puzzles!!!!
Saw VI
Teaser Trailer
Three words: I CAN"T WAIT
Ninja Assassin
Like someone said before, Avatar is a cartoon, not an anime. Besides, I really enjoy the cartoon myself, but I am not hoping everything is the same as the cartoon. Why? Because we already know what's going to happen, if you watch the show, if you don't, you better get to learning some things before you start judging the movie when it comes out. That's just my opinion on those people who do nothing but speak of the negative. :-)
The Last Airbender
Teaser Trailer
You people are always putting the negative things out there. What the hell do you mean "un american"??? Not every werewolf and vampire has to be the same. Sure we know what really happens when a vamp walks into the sunlight, but it's her (the author's) imagination coming to life, so f**k off and complain about the economy instead, you low life S.O.B!!!
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Well, although I'm a little disappointed that they changed the characters completely, it still seems like it's going to be a great movie either way. Nice job choosing Christian Bale!!!! I can't wait to see the movie! :-)
Terminator Salvation
Extended Trailer
I agree, but it seems like the more the remake it, the more it gets better.
A Christmas Carol
Promo Clip
I so agree with you guys...lol.
Wrong! It's better to read the book first than watching the movie. Reason: that way you can always know what they missed, did wrong, or timed a scene too short or long. Trust me.
The Road
I love Transformers, but I bet it will not beat Titanic at the box office. That's a fact!
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
You people need to get a grip. Why does every movie you people see have to always resemble the book? Authors: What about legal rights to their f**king characters you stupid idiots!!!
Sherlock Holmes
At least know how to spell "Crisis" correctly dumba**!!!!!
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
At least know how to spell "Crisis" correctly dumba**!!!!
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
It doesn't look so bad...reminds me of good son, bad son and a hint of the glass house.
The Uninvited
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