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I'm still not sold. The special effects certainly look better, Princess Yue looks better, Appa looks right, and there were more identifiable scenes in the trailer, but I'm still not sold. It still seems kind of cheap to me. Maybe movie adaptations in general don't please me. On another topic, I didn't see anything that belonged in another Book. Everything came from Book I, I think. One thing I really like is that it looks like Katara's duel is in there!
The Last Airbender
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It doesn't look too great, IMO. Yeah, Aang's voice sounds weird to us, but that is because we're so used to his "real" voice. But, for me, it took like ten episodes to get used to Zach Tyler's voice. I've always kind of thought it was annoying. For those of you who say Nicola Peltz is ugly, you're crazy. I think she looks fine. The only thing about Nicola that's worrying me is her acting ability (and her lack of a braid). I know that Shyamalan said she's an amazing actress. If she actually is (which I'm doubting), her acting ability just isn't coming through on this trailer. Especially when she says, "I won't let you take him." Another thought: Zuko's scar is really inconspicuous. To the person who said the Kyoshi warriors are Japanese: why does Suki have reddish hair if she's Japanese? The ethnicities are supposed to be vague, I think. Everyone's upset about the whole racebending fiasco, and I understand. Just not with Aang. He never looked Asian to me.
The Last Airbender
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