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The first trailer i saw about a year ago made this look like a serious movie based on the original conspiracy theory that the Nazi’s left from Antarctica to go to the moon. This however now looks like a very bad attempt at at several sci-fi movies with really bad jokes, and for some reason the chick in the red top reminds me of Sarah Palin. Anyway on that note i can't wait to see this, you can't beat a good B grade flick and one way or the other i was going to see this movie.
Iron Sky
I know it's a prequel bjon86 i have followed alomost ever blog, rumour and web page that has to do with Prometheus since it was first announced. Ridley Scott has stated that the original version of the Alien will not be shown as that version will no have evolved by then, but there will be Aliens in another form. Next time don't you assume that you know what other are talking about. On other thing did anybody notice at 32sec on the table that slides out is that a space jockey head.
I agree with Scuba Steve the last few movies like this prommised a lot and delivered not much. The first trailer got me interested, this one made me cringe even more in parts, i am really looking forward to this now.
The Devil Inside
Red Band Trailer
Yep agree with snotpuss needed to see a longer trailer, but i do like what i see. The Alien franchise has been one of my favourite sine seeing the original in the theater many years ago. The one thing i hope is that they haven't done all the Aliens in CGI (unless they look realy good) i still thing that the actors in suits have always looked great through out the franchise.
Not to sure about this yet, i do love the huge burning mining rig and some mof the action looks good, but i miss his bike from the first one, and the tongue in cheek is a turn off this should a dark movie not a comedy.
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
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