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How ironic that "It Came From Outer Space" would be the tagline for Warner Bros.' "The Iron Giant" when it came out in 1999. "The Iron Giant" is by far one of my favorite movies of all time!
It Came from Outer Space
I was wrong
Horrible Bosses
"If I'm not me, then who the hell am I?" That's the only line I can remember from the original movie that they used in this trailer. Looks epic!
Total Recall
About freaking time...I first saw the poster and I expected it to be not at all like Shrek or Kung Fu Panda but as dramatic, if not more, than How to Train Your Dragon. My expectations have been met. Bring on November 21!
Rise of the Guardians
despite the hateful music, the trailer looks awesome!
Wrath of the Titans
That trailer was awesome...the part with the Hulk near the end kinda freaked me out, but still a great trailer!
The Avengers
the only reason this movie was such a bomb at the box-office was because of poor marketing
The Island
Trailer C
Okay...I'm convinced! Looks good, and I think it ought to be better than "Hall Pass."
Horrible Bosses
Can anybody tell me the name of the song near the end? Thanks!
Friday Night Lights
What an awesome teaser trailer! I know it's not supposed to reveal much about the film, but it still looks awesome! I think I've seen the movie a couple of times, so I think that that Big Z montage is very similar to the beginning of the movie itself.
Surf's Up
Teaser Trailer
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The Last Days on Mars - Trailer
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