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Danny "Hurricane" Halmo
Great trailer! I cant wait to see the rest of it. I know you must be busy-insane with the finishing touches, but also have an eye down the road on your next project, which is the point of this missive... I just finished my "Internship" up here in Vancouver volounteering as a grip/gaffer on the set of "Bong Of The Dead" by Thomas Newman. I moved out here from Windsor Onterrible to get away from the lousy news all over my hometown...search for "A life-and-a-wife" and to get my book published, as well as to get my feet wet in the movie/entertainment bizz. Which leads me to the purpose of this e-mail. I just finished reading your diary of Control-Alt-Delete in Reel West and found your writing style very captivating. I believe that we have a pretty good/fair fight on our hands and would probably make an interesting collaboration. I know that you must be incredibly busy, but I was wondering if you would like to try a sample of this "interesting, entertaining and funny" autobiography. The front cover reads as follows... ONE FLEW OVER the RACERS NEST Over thirty years of mischief madness, mayhem and motorsports. By Danny Halmo Caution... The Surgeon General would not recommend smoking this book. It contains coarse language, and bad grammar about sex, drugs, rock and roll, racing and other controversial material. Reader discretion is advised. The back cover reads.. One Flew Over The racers Nest is not just another story about somebody's boring life. It is a life that is lived on a very sharp edge. It is an unexpectedly worded and fast-paced autobigraphical potpourri with a motorsports theme threaded throughout. It also contains a collection of previously published and unpublished editorials, and poetry, in a wide variety of areas, decades and Americana. It is the 24-carat-true story of a guy as he tries to grow up into a functional member of society, and all of the triumphs and tribulations along the way. It shows what a bipolar person is capable of, in all of it's phases, and the price we have to pay for it. How did a guy who has mixed it up with some of the greatest racecar drivers and celebrities in the world, end up in a nut-house over a woman ? There is a love story in here too. The truth... But not the whol;e truth... But nothing but the truth... So help me Oprah. I am an award winning writer, but I have lots more room on my mantle. If we can get Jack Nicholson to play my doctor we could have one-helluva-sequel on our hands. I would love a reply, soon, and all success to you and you new flick.
Control Alt Delete
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