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I really don't know the big fuss about it. Actually when I first heard about this I thought the same thing. You people arguing out there isn't going to change anything, for real. Do what I did and go around looking at other peoples opinions, the positive ones. It changed my views. Such as a guy saying " WHo cares if goku isn't asian. If you want to get technical, he isn't even human, so he can be any race they want him to be." That truely makes since. Another guy said " Well look at it this way. Everything in the Dark knight was changed and nobody complained about that. THey had to change some of the things in the movie to make it more believeable. NOt only that but it came out to be a huge success!" So please angry people, stop complaining soo much about stupid things. Like piccolo isn't green. YOu guys saying that are idiots. He is green. Just because he isn't that deep green doesn't mean anything. Look harder. Bulma's hair is brow. Wow. How many people do you see walking around with blue hair? Get outta here. Im tired of all the complaining over stupid things. Grow up. If you want to complain soo much sign up to be a critic when you finish college or somthing. Oh yeah, you people calling yourselves true fans of the DB series. If you acting like that you really aren't. YOu say you are a fan but you go around dising the franchise like children. A Fan would do that. The guy who started the DB manga/anime even agreed with the movie. Did you all know that? So if he can give it a shot, why can't you? Get at me.
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