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This looks soooo stupid!!! But that being said! Old school vince vaughn no pun intended kind of sold me hahhaaha but looks dumb, but I will see it! hahaha
The Watch
Red Band Trailer
Total Recall
Just Say No! to this movie
The Three Stooges
Feature Trailer
Check out the movie "last night." it's from 1998 it's kind of like this.. but a lot more dark and very very well Written. it is on net flix insta que... this looks interesting, but it's been done!
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
i guess we do go to the movies to Escape from reality! This is so stupid.. guess one day I grew up, totally would have been into this 10 years ago! LAME!
Project X
Feature Trailer
looks like it was stock footage from transformers! I mean it looks some what cool, but it looks like transformers, the score and all, I mean I dunnoe what is really different? the actors I guess!
Feature Trailer
dude This looks kind of sweet.. The first one was terrible, but I am actually interested in this!!! hahaha I laugh, because I can't believe what I just said!
G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation
Looks Funny, but wasn't 21 jump street more serious, and intense. I think they could of still used the concept, not calling it 21 jump street, but still pay homage to it using a different title, I dunnoe.. looks typical jonah hill, delayed dry reaction, lots of swearing to get a laugh, looks interesting enough, but yeah I dont know?
21 Jump Street
Red Band Trailer
I love when she says "Hora es mi Dia" ( Today is My DAY) YES!!!! BRIDEZILLA to the Rescue! PS REC2 was amazing!!! soo good!!!
[Rec] 3 Genesis
Teaser Trailer
REALLY? You go and mess up the thing on day one by thinking a female can take the lead. Wow.. why does hollywood try to remake 80s classics with female leads? Heres an Idea how bout we remake thelma and louise. and lets say we cast jeff bridges and shila labaouf. sounds like a cool way to reboot thelma and louise huh? maybe we can call it "THEO and Loui" such crap, what a waste..... AHHHHHHH!!!!!
The Thing
So Another one bites the dust. This movie could of had the potential to be ok, but once again mtv has made another false image among stupid teenagers. The first footloose was not this Sexual, HS girls are not that smart and or mature. THe dancing is ridiculous, this is a small hick town and now all of a sudden they know how to break dance and do hio hop.. what a joke MTV is stupid. I use to think it was cool 10 yrs ago in HS, but since then.. JERSEY shore, need I say more. mtv and its movies produces are crap!!!
looks kind of cool.. more of a real cool kids movies, but can be entertaining for adults..
Real Steel
Feature Trailer
As a former teacher who was sick of the Political Crap I Say to this movie YEAH RIGHT... but like I said as a former teacher that was sick of the crap I say this movie looks hillarious!!! Realistic, not a chance. Did we all want to do this, of course!!! minus the Titty ehnancement.
Bad Teacher
Red Band Trailer
I love that it's a cartoon, as it should be, and didn't fall into the new pixar animation craze.. like new movies such as smurfs and garfield and etc.. not that those cartoons had the class and personality of winnie the pooh, but they were good cartoons as well.. you know what I mean!!!!
Winnie the Pooh
was this whole movie Green screened? Either way.. pointless ninja, cowboy shooting, swords... If the price is right I will see it!
The Warrior's Way
right because when you lose your virginity it's an amazing. 4 hour romp.. this is the stupidest thing ever.. I m sure all those losers are still virgins! Is this for reals? it's like a cheap rip off of american pie? POINTLESS
The Virginity Hit
Red Band Trailer
Let the Right one in was Amazing? so is it that hard to read subtitles? Was this really needed?
Let Me In
Red Band Trailer
Shouldn't this technically be SAW7? or Saw 7 3D just going to be saw 3D.. I guess!
Saw 3D
Teaser Trailer
I was a bit interested..but when I saw m nights name I was checked out...
It looked kind of promosing like the first. not super over the top like the second.. the only thing that got me is it's called Little Fockers, but there were really no scenes that really focused on the kids? Ohh well maybe they are saving it! who knows!
Little Fockers
REC was the movie that quarritene remade I guess or made it as an american version.. the only thing is that it is litteraly shot for shot the same movie.. just in english.. if you can read subtitles the movie is great... no reason to remake it in english.... so to clear things up REC was first it was in spanish... Quarrentine was a remake or american verison...
[Rec] 2
Feature Red Band Trailer
I am not going to take any side about christian or non christian.. as a christian speaking the movie just looks lame, punch in the balls to pretend climax? right.... and whats with the premise of this movie it's cool to whore your self out as long as your not really doing it, but people think you are? Thats weird? so yeah this movie looks like a winner, totally worth my 11 dollars! 11 dollars! no way it's going to take a lot more to get that, maybe pirahna 3D there are way more bikini girls in that movie maybe it would be funny and cool if they wore an A on their bikini tops since I guess they are easy!!! hillarious!! geesh stick to zombieland!
Easy A
WHat In THE HELL DOES Dancing have to do with 3D?? Whats next.. I can't even think of one because everythings been whored out to this crappy 3D craze! ok I got one what's next the karate kid remake reboot in 3D
Step Up 3D
so why did they make the "angels" to be like demons? kind of lame.. trying to be creative.. whats next.. Jason voorhess trying to runaway from campers? why would they make God to be a bad guy? If God has the power to do anything then im sure a few pitiful humans in a diner can't do anything! LAME
Red Band Trailer
Wasn't this called I know what you did last summer? there not even trying anymore. hahah
Sorority Row
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