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am i the only one that likes nicolas cage? ;o
Season of the Witch
Feature Trailer
this looks really good :o
127 Hours
Feature Trailer
at first i was like "do not want" then i saw russel brand. and was like "dont know if want" then i saw him dancing around a bit and was like " DO want " :D
The Tempest
Tv spots made it out to look like rubish but the feature trailer makes it looke like maybe, possible it could be worth seeing. on dvd, or on tv. iunno. feels like we are really in a trailer depression havent had a good one for anything in what feels like forever.
Legend of the Guardians
Feature Trailer
would maybe be better if it were a tv show or somthing. but then it would probably still be cancelled after the first season anyway, so meh.
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
Promo Trailer
i cringed when i saw that they were remaking this but it looks liek it might be ok.
I Spit On Your Grave
Feature Trailer
why doesnt no one have the damn footage DX
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I
San Diego Comic Con Panel
i cant wait :D hope its as good as the original :>
Let Me In
srsly, this should be a movie :o
Mortal Kombat: Rebirth
Short Film
portrayed? Not quite, Christians ARE idiots, and out of touch. Bad guys? That is debatable, but certainly not out of the question.
Easy A
i could go the "fanboy" rout and complain about how much it contridicts the show ( as in being able to firebend even though its only said that his is only a movie of the first book) but id rather not, IM SO EXCITED D: though loking at this trailer it seems it might not be just the first book, i mean being able to firebend, and talking to the dragon, that didnt happen until the last book, so we will have to find out :]
The Last Airbender
Feature Trailer
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Theatrical Trailer
well i dont much mind his voice, i mean anything that is not zack tyler's voice is going to odd from Aang,... how about they just dub over all his lines? :D
The Last Airbender
Trailer B
oh yea, i totally agree, we should definetly boycott this movie for all the swearing chloe moretz does, infact, i think all movies that try to stay true to the original story should be boycotted, ironicly, i also beleive there is a special place in hell for people whom boycott things. the movie is supposed to be obscene, as is the graphic novel, it is what makes it great, Besides in this day and age im sure she ( chloe moretz) swears mor then that in real life, not infront of her parents im sure, but among her friends, once you hit middle school, it just so happens to just be a social normal, so the only difference is that millions of people are going to be seeing her do it isntead of just a few, besides, im sure shes heard all the words that were in her script before hand. I for one do not see any problem with this nice little girl acting this part, and i am looking forward to it very much. :]
Red Band Trailer
OH hai thar
The Karate Kid
International Trailer
i for one, cant wait.
Red Band Trailer
do not feed the troll.
Feature Trailer
"orange you pissed your wife is taking it in the ass from another guy right now. " is what he really said.
Cop Out
Red Band Trailer
im tottaly in love with hit hgirl >.>
i think the music is amazing, i think this movie is going to be amazing, and nicolas cage is a great actor, i don't much care what anyone says.
Hit Girl Red Band Trailer
i think im in liove >.>
Hit Girl Red Band Trailer
iv had anough movies with actors and actresses in them...its been done before.
Teaser Trailer
im 19 years old and i friggan loved avatar, the show in its entirety, silly fillers aside, was in my opinion a masterpiece, a truly great story, i can only hope the movie is as good as the show. i sometimes imagine what it would of been like (the show) if it wasnt on Nickelodeon, perhaps made for mature audiences and animated as a real anime. blood bending had a lot of potential to be pretty sick.
The Last Airbender
Teaser Trailer
has michael c hall in it, nuff said. im going to see it.
i just watched this movie online, AMAZING
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Feature Trailer
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