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Dale (MMB)
I guess they are taking the concept of "Cheating Death" a little too seriously, because I could have sworn the last movie KILLED the Franchise... I hope this is the LAST one :/
Final Destination 5
Everything is this Trailer looks Extremely Cheesy.. The one good thing I liked was the Scene where everyone is fighting in the sky like it was a Painting. But this "New Sytle" of Greek Mythology and Roman Times Movies is getting played out and starting to become Crap! I hope this one doesnt continue to Ruin one of my favorite Genres of Film.. :/
And just when I thought "Body Switching" Movies were getting Lame.... I was a Huge fan of the movie Vise Versa when I was younger, and this movie looks Awesome!
The Change-Up
Red Band Trailer
..... NEED I SAW MORE! Looks Soooooooo Sick! Can't Wait!
Cowboys & Aliens
Feature Trailer
Agreed..... I have never laughed so hard at an "action movie".... Lets put a pretty boy in a extremely retarded scenario and throw in some explosions for the Ladies... Really? Action Chick Flick for 13 year olds.. Id prefer to see Sharkboy and Lavagirl Part 2
Was not expecting that at all.. Wasnt sure about the idea of making another Planet of the Apes but this one actually looks really good.
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
YES!!! Soooo going to be the best Comic Book Movie this year!
Captain America: The First Avenger
Lol... Very Cheap Constantine.. I was thinking a Human/Monster Version of Hellboy. Similarities ifrom both films tho. The idea and story seems very cool, but the film looks very cheesy. I'll have to look into this more..
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
When the first one came out I honestly hated it, Only because everyone Hyped up so much that when I watched it, I thought it was stupid...... About a year and a half goes by, I catch it on HBO and it was really funny. I just hope they capitalize with the good thing they have. I'll go see it.
The Hangover Part II
Teaser Trailer
I wouldn't bet so much it is a knock off of The Hangover... More like the female Version of Bachelor Party with Tom Hanks. Preview was funny enough to grab my attention tho.... I think we will see a llot more of Melissa McCarthy after this one. I think she will make the movie.. I'll go see it!
When Do This Come Out!!?? Looks Very Good
Classic... Simply Amazing. Can't Wait
Winnie the Pooh
You know those Corny A** Cheesy Movies that are in films with trailers making fun of films? This literally is one of those movies... I think Hollywood is taking those ideas and slapping 3D to it to make that MONEY! Only question I have is, why is Cage & William Fichtner putting themselves through this?.. They're better then that!
Drive Angry 3D
I literally just Shed a Tear for this movie.. Ever since the first screen test for this film, I have been going nuts for it to come out. My friends look at me crazy because of this film. Now they are starting to understand.. The first film was Hot, especially for a 1980 movie. One of the first to use Computer Animation. And now the long awited sequel is not only in IMAX but in 3D! I always thought 3D was just another way for movie companies to make money but this film is what it is ment for. I Cant Wait. Awesome Trailer!
Tron Legacy
Feature Trailer
It's all for the Kids...
Studios just LOVE to pick up the rights to something and try to make a quick buck. Above all, from what I remember in the original game the story seems to be respected and actors who are playing the characters dont seem bad either. If it is coming out in theaters ill actually go see it.
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