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I loved Twilight, especially Kristin Stewarts portrayal of Bella. She was calm and stoic, and totally perfect. This could be good, but I have my doubts about Amanda Sigfried. I think that they might try to be "different" from Twilight too hard and come up with a snotty, blah lead female. If Hardwike just accepts that what she did with Twilight was a good direction, then this will be good....Of course this time she has an inferior story to tell. I glanced over the book, and it sucked. I wanted to smack the chick.
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Oh for "Spasrrow". I understand that you know absolutely nothing about theater or cinema. Thats probably why you are upset that twilight the movie was not a carbon copy of the books. Let me tell you; REMAKES ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO FOLLOW THE SOURCE. They are retellings of the original story. Not reenactments.They are written by a screenwriter, not the original author, and it is appropriate for them to change or keep anything they like. They can't ruin the precious books, because they are not meant to replace them. Its one of the oldest art forms in existance. When the oral tradition of storytelling was the entertainment of choice, people obviously retold stories they liked, but changed things to suit themselves. Thats why it says "based on" not "carbon copy".
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Why is it you think Twilight is not something to be proud of? It is the highest grossing film EVER to be directed by a woman. It has amazing DVD sales besides its very high box office. So obviously it has lots of fans. Most people who dislike Twilight are just sheep who heard somewhere that vampires should not sparkle, and have been repeating that same, tired comment over and over thinking they are amazingly clever. People like that are not worth considering. They likely never even gave the film a chance, and probably don't know much about cinema to start with. Twilight is a very well made film. But don't be sad. Just repeat the fact that vampires shouldn't sparkle another hundred times....
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Its very good. Starts out slow, but thats not a bad thing at all. I loved it.
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