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Ruined Saint
I remember the original... A gore-fest before special effects were really all that good at gore. This looks to be good; but then again, we might have just seen the best part.
I Spit On Your Grave
Feature Trailer
Jrcjw: No, the title is actually "Sawed", using "leet speak" which swaps out "e" for "3".
Saw 3D
Teaser Trailer
"Introducing" Don Johnson? Hillarious...
Not sure what to think... Rogen as Green Hornet seems unfortunate, but Chou looks like he's filling the role of Kato just fine (despite relying on special effects to match Lee's natural badassery). Guess I hoped a GH movie would take the material more seriously; Then again, embrassing the original GH's campiness from the start might save them from becoming the train wrecks that Batman Forever and Batman & Robin were.
The Green Hornet
Not sure how much time she actually gets in the film, though she is in The Avengers; her role here might be bigger than the trailers indicate, or just enough to make her character known prior to The Avengers. Either works if (like everything else) it's done right.
Iron Man 2
Feature Trailer
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