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Focus Features sure looks like they have some winners this year with this and 500 Days of Summer.
Taking Woodstock
Feature Trailer
Looks interesting and I love to see some independent films get exposure.
Left Bank (Linkeroever)
This movie looks just okay, and I do not think I would have spent this much money to show this during the Superbowl.
Race to Witch Mountain
Super Bowl Spot
Still have to wait until July, but it is nice to see some new stuff.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Japanese Trailer
I can't wait for this to come out!
TV Spot #2
Pretty good timing since immigration is a hot issue, even though th eeconomy has taken the forefront.
Crossing Over
I can see why this film has the Oscar bug. Looks like to great performances!
I guess this is Leo's new role seeing as he did The Departed and now this one! This one could be hit or miss!
Body of Lies
This film has major potentital and looks so much better than the first one!
Punisher: War Zone
All I can do is laugh at how disappointing and anti-climatic that was. Was it even necessary to show this?
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Teaser Trailer
I am so glad this trailer was released early because this has made my day! This has to be the front runner for movie to look out for in 2009!
I have not heard much about this film, but it could be interesting!
The Spirit
Feature Trailer
I am not a big fan of Marky Mark, but this could be a good role for him.
Max Payne
International Trailer
I was a bit leay of this film, but now it looks like it has potential.
Theatrical Trailer
The combination of these actors is almost too good to be true! Cannot wait!
Tropic Thunder
International Trailer
This little tease makes me even more eager to see the film in theaters. Can't wait!!!
The Dark Knight
First 6 Minutes
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