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The Exorcist (1973) Director's Cut Trailer


Trailer for the "Director's Cut" release of The Exorcist coming to Blu-ray.

The Exorcist, Academy Award winning director William Friedkin’s masterpiece of suspense that haunted, intrigued, and thrilled the world, is coming to Blu-ray in a two-disc, must-have high-definition set, available October 5 from Warner Home Video. A true cinema landmark, this theological thriller is one of the top ten box office performers of all time. The Exorcist went on to win two Academy Awards and became a multi-million dollar franchise.

When the movie was first released in 1973, viewers were blown away. Audience members were frightened out of their wits - and literally out of their seats. Some ran out of the theatre; others got physically ill or couldn’t sleep for weeks. Now with the maximum picture and sound quality that Warner Home Video’s spectacularly restored new Blu-ray and DVD versions provide, home viewers may experience the same visceral emotions again in seeing the brilliant effects and hearing the awesome sound of this classic and thrilling tale of good vs. evil. Newly remastered in 1080p from the original camera negative, the Blu-ray includes both the remastered Extended Director’s Cut as well as the remastered theatrical version of the film.

The Extended Director’s Cut contains three new documentaries: Raising Hell: Filming the Exorcist, including new revealing set footage produced and photographed by cinematographer Owen Roizman, as well as camera and makeup tests, interviews with Friedkin, actress Linda Blair, author/screenwriter/producer William Peter Blatty and Roizman himself; The Exorcist Locations: Georgetown Then and Now featuring a tour of the iconic locations where the film was shot, including a visit to the famous “Exorcist steps”; and Faces of Evil: The Different Versions of The Exorcist -- with Friedkin and Blatty discussing the different versions of the film and showing outtakes. The result is a new immersive viewing experience that takes you on the set of the film and offers a unique, up-close perspective of the filmmaking and special effects process that is rarely seen.
The film tells the now-famous story of a girl’s demonic possession, and a gripping fight between good and evil. Linda Blair, in a breakout role, plays Regan, a young girl who starts to exhibit strange, arcane behavior. Her mother (Ellen Burstyn, Oscarâ-winner for Best Actress Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore) calls upon a priest, Father Karras (Jason Miller) to investigate. But Karras, who has self-doubts about faith, is suddenly confronted with the unimaginable evil of Regan’s possession. When Father Lankester Merrin (Max Von Sydow), a priest with a mysterious past, is called to help, a horrific battle for her soul begins.

Film Info

2 min 31 sec Duration
  • Posted: August 06, 2010
  • Director: William Friedkin
  • Writer: William Friedkin
  • Studio: Warner Bros Pictures
  • Release: December 26, 1973
  • Cast: Ellen Burstyn, Linda Blair, Max von Sydow

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