OK, Enough, Goodbye. Trailer C (2011)

Third trailer for OK, Enough, Goodbye..

A sardonic and wistful comedy and an intimate portrait of a city, Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia's terrific self-produced debut could be a passive-aggressive Lebanese version of I Killed My Mother. Except, in this case, the elderly mother is wise enough to ditch her sad-sack 40-year-old baker son (Daniel Arzouni, like all the cast, a non-actor), leaving him with nothing but the company of Tripoli, the northern provincial capital of Lebanon, and what it offers (including an abandoned public project by Oscar Niemeyer). Attieh and Garcia are actually composing a variant on the coming-of-age genre, as our unnamed protagonist is thrust into his independence late in life, and must learn to fend for himself--and he fails miserably.

Uncertain how to exist outside of his mother-son relationship, he seeks the company of strangers and acquaintances, grudgingly befriending a neighbouring boy, and beginning an extremely awkward relationship with a prostitute who contacted him via SMS. While accompanying a friend to an office for foreign-contracted maids, the man hastily hires an Ethiopian worker who speaks no Arabic. But when the relationship quickly turns sour due to an inability to communicate, he is left to regret his actions and seeks out a way to rectify his situation. All the while, he keeps his mother's absence a secret. Observational and warm-hearted in the best sense, OK, Enough, Goodbye. is a memorable and unpolished gem that shows the light and dark sides of Lebanese culture in equal measure.

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October 26, 2011
Rania Attieh

Rania Attieh


October 7, 2011
Daniel Arzrouni
Nadimé Attieh
Walid Ayoubi
Nawal Mekdad
Sablawork Tesfay
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