A mysterious man known only as "The Cowboy" double-crosses the CIA. Two important briefcases go missing. Black Ops special agent Stanley Cashay is dragged out of retirement to track the cases down. His reward? The name of the man who killed his wife. But Cashay needs to clean up quickly if he wants to get back into the game. Wine-filled art deco superagent Dallas Deacon and the delicious but deadly Black Licorice are hot for the briefcases —the evil smut inside may go straight to the top.

First-time feature director Frankie Latina proudly set the film in his hometown of Milwaukee, turning Wisconsin into a cinematic Rome. Local legends populate his seedy world: Randy Russell, co-author of the great American Job, plays the nothing-to-lose Cashay, and Dallas is none other than American Movie star subject Mark Borchardt. Add in Danny Trejo and hordes of bathing beauties packing guns, shake and serve late at night. A powerful soundtrack with piano keys and fuzz pedals as ammo round out the bizarre upper Midwest atmosphere.

Fun and titillating, Latina squeegees James Bond through a super-8 camera. Many spy film lovers try to recreate the glory days and fail. Modus Operandi is the real deal.

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June 03, 2009
Frankie Latina

Frankie Latina


June 13, 2009
Barry Poltermann
Mark Borchardt
Michael Sottile
Randy Russell
Robert Glenn Jones
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