A comedy feature based on the Touch-Tone Terrorists prank calls CD's (as heard on Howard Stern and Crank Yankers on Comedy Central and MTV2). This movie also features Mary Carey (Sober House, Celebrity Rehab, California gubernatorial recall election candidate) and rock star Randy Ratchett (Toxic Sludge). Lost In Transit has received numerous awards, accolades and nominations including "Best Effort to Pilot an Aircraft While Intoxicated", "Best Lap Dance for a Nervous Hillbilly", and "Best Impersonation of an OBGYN." The Janitor's Guild calls it "A masterpiece", while Handicapped Boxers of America call it "Cruel and Unusual".

Junkyard Willie rises up the company ladder to become supervisor of Jammin Package Express (JPX). He's a bit unorthodox and he's hired misfits like Jim Bob the Handicapped Hillbilly, and Blade the Drunken Rocker. Once in charge Willie decides.... Never mind what happens! This movie is just plain WACK! Learn how to become an OBGYN overnight with no prior experience or medical degree, learn how to make the most of your stolen credit card, discover the joys of war, but forget about Turkish prisons... Ever drop some bad acid and go streaking across a soccer field buck naked???

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February 14, 2009
Pete Dzoghi

Pete Dzoghi


September 2, 2008
Michael H. Goodwyn
RePete Z
Levi Powell
Randy Ratchett
Mary Carey
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