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Trailer for Dust Up.

In the high desert, people like to lay low. Jack Truman (Aaron Gaffey) is a shellshocked soldier turned handyman, seeking refuge in the hot sun from a cold, dark past. He's traded his service pistol for a cordless drill, forsaken allegiance to the flag for meditation on a yoga mat.

Jack's only friend: a quirky hipster named Mo (Devin Barry), who wants nothing more than to embody the life of a Native-American Indian, complete with teepee, organic foods, tomahawk... and tube socks.

Their peaceful oddball paradise is interrupted when Jack answers a call from a desperate customer, Ella (Amber Benson, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), a struggling new mother in the middle of nowhere - soaked in mud from a broken water main and drowning in debt. Ella calls Jack for help, unable to reach her elusive husband, Herman (Travis Betz), a methed-out jackass who lost his job and disappeared into the desert.

What should be a simple plumbing gig turns into a world of hurt for Jack, as he soon finds himself embroiled in this family's twisted situation - leading to an inevitable and violent confrontation with Herman's maniacal dealer, Buzz (Jeremiah Birkett). A sex-crazed drug lord, Buzz has assembled his own legion of cultish followers - youthful "Heathens" inspired by his innovative speed concoctions, conspiracy theories, mandatory orgies and a rather grotesque dinner menu. Worlds collide when these colorful heroes and vicious villains are thrown together for the badass brawl-of-the-century. Jack will be forced to face his demons as he battles Buzz and a raucous army of raving wastoids. Jack doesn't stand a chance. Not without the help of his loyal sidekick, Mo, and the beautiful Ella, as they barrel down a one-way road ending in hilarious, bloody mayhem.

Film Info

2 min 12 sec Duration
  • Posted: September 16, 2012
  • Director: Ward Roberts
  • Writer: Ward Roberts
  • Studio: Breaking Glass Pictures
  • Release: October 26, 2012
  • Cast: Amber Benson, Victoria De Mare, Jeremiah Birkett

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