Trailer for Atom Nine Adventures:

We first meet astrophysicist Doctor Adam Gaines running through the forest in a race against time as he and his trusty robotic assistant, Jimbot, recover a meteorite that has an ice cocoon at its center containing an alien organism. Later that night, three faceless beings arrive at the empty crater and immediately begin a hunt for the unknown stranger who has beaten them to the meteorite.

Back at the lab, Adam and cellular biologist Margo Scott study the strange alien entity. Genetic scripting reveals that the organism's DNA contains a string of nine atoms of which the ninth one, the oldest one, appears to be the “holy grail” of modern science – a 27 billion year old Primeval Atom; the very atom that is believed to have exploded into the Big Bang that created the universe. Just as this discovery is made, the three faceless things strike Adam unconscious and kidnap Margo...but not before activating a time bomb. Jimbot awakens from his charging station to discover Dr. Gaines lying on the floor unconscious and quickly realizes the precious minutes he has left to get his friend and boss to safety before the bomb explodes.

What results are a series of incredible events that force the evolution of a shy, introverted scientist into a high-flying superhero who must rescue Margo from the clutches of a technologically advanced villain named Gremlo Flugg and foil his elaborate plans to take over planet earth.

Film Info

1 min 23 sec Duration
  • Posted: February 26, 2009
  • Director: Christopher Farley
  • Writer: Christopher Farley
  • Studio: Epic Pictures Group
  • Release: November 7, 2007
  • Cast: Christopher Farley, Paul Meade, Jennifer Ferguson

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